Generative AI-Driven Storytelling: A New Era for Marketing

Generative AI-Driven Storytelling: A New Era for Marketing

Published on Sep 16, 2023

Authors: Marko Vidrih , Shiva Mayahi

This paper delves into the transformative power of Generative AI-driven storytelling in the realm of marketing. Generative AI, distinct from traditional machine learning, offers the capability to craft narratives that resonate with consumers on a deeply personal level. Through real-world examples from industry leaders like Google, Netflix and Stitch Fix, we elucidate how this technology shapes marketing strategies, personalizes consumer experiences, and navigates the challenges it presents.

The paper also explores future directions and recommendations for generative AI-driven storytelling, including prospective applications such as real-time personalized storytelling, immersive storytelling experiences, and social media storytelling. By shedding light on the potential and impact of generative AI-driven storytelling in marketing, this paper contributes to the understanding of this cutting-edge approach and its transformative power in the field of marketing.


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